Bronchial Breath Sounds


Vesicular sounds are generated by the turbulent flow of air through the airways of healthy lungs. These are typically soft and are characterized by inspiratory sounds that last longer than expiratory sounds. Normal lung tissues have a substantial amount of airspace to attenuate and soften the sound. These vesicular sounds vary considerably from patient to patient; thus, it is important to compare one hemidiaphragm to another by listening in a symmetrical pattern, as shown in the image below. Vesicular breath sounds are soft and low pitched with a rustling quality during inspiration and are even softer during expiration. These are the most commonly auscultated breath sounds, normally heard over the most of the lung surface. They have an inspiration/expiratory ratio of 3 to 1 or I:E of 3:1.
Bronchial Breath Sounds

Maneuver: Seated
Chestpiece Position: Chest wall
Chestpiece: Diaphragm