Egophony - e


Aegophony is an increased resonance of voice sounds heard when auscultating the lungs, often caused by lung consolidation and fibrosis. It is due to enhanced transmission of high-frequency sound across fluid, such as in abnormal lung tissue, with lower frequencies filtered out. It results in a high-pitched nasal or bleating quality in the affected person's voice. While listening to the lungs with a stethoscope, the patient is asked to pronounce the long-E vowel sound. Stethoscopic auscultation of a clear lung field during this articulation will detect a sound matching that received through normal hearing; that is, the sound articulated by the patient will be clearly transmitted through the lung field and heard unchanged by the clinician
Egophony - e

Maneuver: Seated
Chestpiece Position: Chest wall
Chestpiece: Diaphragm